Advanced technology maintenance solutions begin with a strong commitment to the highest levels of excellence and teamwork. At Mass PC Services, all of our resources are devoted to service and service readiness. We know how much is at stake when problems occur. We are  absolutely focused on solving your problems, we take ownership of your service issues and we make them go away.

Looking for the Perfect System?
From high production 24x7 operations to small offices, Mass PC services has a service plan to fit your needs.

7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 4-hour  response (24x7x4)

5 days a week, 8 hours a day, 4 hour response  (5x8x4)

5 days week, 8 hours a day, 24 hour

(8 business hour) response (5x8x24)

We offer a unique Preventative Maintenance Plan in which we periodically service your PC, Printers and scanners, replace consumables, provide testing and operator training.

Channel Responsible by Design


Massachusetts PC Services Inc. understands the channel. We work with manufactures, OEMs, distributors, ISVs, System Integrators, VARs and End-users. We designed our pricing structure to provide fair, honest discounting to all levels of the channel. We build open relationships with each tier. MPCS’s price structure and channel knowledge allows this to happen. There is room for everyone.


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